Go from Concept to Launch with Zero Fuss

Build fast and launch flawlessly. Powerful out of the box capabilities to design your killer app


Easy Front End Design

Simply drag, drop, and configure. Control navigation, add custom branding, and deliver powerful workflows.


Search Enabled Analytics

Intelligent typo-tolerant search engine. Powerful search suggestions to answer top of mind questions.


Powerful Analytics Engine

Analyze billions of data points on the fly. Go from raw data to insight in real time. No pre-processing or agg tables.


NLG for Augmented Insights

Automatically tell data stories. In-chart explanations that summarize key insights and gets everyone on the same page


Self-Service with Simplicity

Excel-like chart customization. Enables non-technical end user to customize outputs on the fly.


Forms Integration

One platform to deliver insights and capture input. Build and deploy forms to gather front line intelligence.


User and Role Level Controls

Control every aspect of the user experience: front end, interactivity, chart permissions and more. In just a few clicks.


Single Sign-On

Standardized IAM for your enterprise. Supports JWT and SAML 2.0 for rapid integration.


Mobile Device & Offline Access

Pixel-perfect mobile experience across iOS and Android devices. With turn-key companion apps for offline analysis.

Love Your BI Tool? Give It the Front End it Deserves

Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI et al - Infinity amplifies their ROI by making them simpler, more intuitive, and personalized to the end user.

Simple to Use, Easy to Implement.
Multiple Options to Make it Your Own


Analytics powered by third-party BI tool

Front-end built with Infinity

Combines analytics you love with the features you want


Analytics built using Infinity BI engine

Leverages existing data sources

Data management is done outside of Infinity


Analytics built using Infinity BI engine

Bulk of data resides within infinity's native data warehouse

Hosted on the cloud
Deployed on premise
Embedded into other apps

Data driven customers we’ve worked with

Google-like, intuitive, and saves tremendous time... All in one solution that simplifies how we do analytics and identifies the best business opportunities

― Director, $1B+ NYSE Company