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R&D Philosophy

User experience is our number one priority.

System performance is an essential requirement for great user experience.

Code is tested and bug-free.

Code is well-documented.

Code is easy to extend and maintain.

R&D is a continuous iterative process built on customer feedback .

New Features


Related Insights

Bring key insights to the attention of your stakeholders. “Suggested for You” uses behavioral analytics and logical relationships between KPIs to make actionable recommendations.

Augmented Insights (NLG)

Delivers auto-generated natural language explanations for charts to ensure consistent interpretation. Easy configuration to tell data stories at scale.

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Salesforce Integration

Supports custom analytics by tapping directly into the Salesforce data. Also, works in sync with forms integration to enable updates to Salesforce directly from the Infinity interface.

Input Forms

Design custom forms to gather input from the end users. Write back to any DB of choice - whether temp table or master file.

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New Chart Types for Formatted Display

Extended support for rendering word, pdf, text area and other display formats.

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Tableau Integration

Support to embed Tableau charts and reports on Infinity. Extends all platform capabilities including search, formatted downloads, etc. to Tableau objects.

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Feedback & Bug Reporting

From any chart, users can now submit bugs or send feedback. Seamless integration with quality management (JIRA) and ticket management systems (ZenDesk).

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