Branded Portals

  • Build full-featured reporting applications in no time
  • Customize everything: colors, logos, navigation, workflows, drill paths etc.
  • Low code configuration process that delivers out of the box
  • User and role-specific content
  • Enterprise ready: SSO, Mobile compatibility and more
  • Use native Infinity visualization engine or bring your own BI

Unified BI Frontend

  • One gateway to the entire BI universe; no need to analyze in silos
  • Answer any question with intuitive search that responds in local context
  • Eliminate multiple clicks and selections; land where you want instantly
  • Create dashboards combining outputs from multiple BI tools - Qlik, Tableau etc.
  • Precisely control distribution and permissions across roles and functions

Tableau, Qlik Modernization

  • New capabilities with zero coding and zero disruption to existing reports
  • Faster and more intuitive search-based analytics
  • Clearer data stories with scalable natural language (NLG) narratives
  • Highly formatted and instantly usable excel downloads
  • Custom workflows; drilldown from a Tableau chart to a Qlik chart and more

Modeling & Forecasting

  • Convert spreadsheet models into secure web applications
  • Implement proprietary business logic without exposing your IP
  • Ensure perfect version control and minimize manual entry
  • Empower users to save, share, and manage multiple scenarios
  • Track and analyze usage to grow adoption

Alerts & Anomaly Detection

  • Push intelligence to get the right insight to the right user
  • Automatically identify data anomalies to ensure early detection of critical changes
  • Empower users to track and monitor specific events affecting your KPIs
  • Alert your teams when opportunities arise; nothing is missed
  • Promote data driven behaviors by proactively serving insights to stakeholders

Ad Hoc Analytics

  • Connect all your data from top sources: Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Postgres, and more
  • Explore your data with our visual query builder — or switch to SQL mode to review the code under the hood
  • From sales reps to the C-suite, easily create custom charts and dashboards without relying on analysts
  • Quickly share with anyone, control permissions, and foster rapid collaboration