Branded Portals

  • Analytics portal with custom branding
  • 100% code free process. Customize everything: colors, logos, navigation, workflows, drill paths etc.
  • Control access and brand experience at the user and role level
  • Accelerate enterprise readiness: SSO, Mobile compatibility and more
  • Use our built-in charting engine or bring your own BI tool

Unified BI Frontend

  • One gateway to the entire BI universe
  • Intelligent search engine to access any dashboard from any platform
  • Stitch together mixed dashboards combining outputs from multiple BI tools including Qlik, Tableau and PowerBI
  • Logically connect disparate reports to build powerful workflows
  • Monitor dashboard use to drive user engagement and identify investment priorities

Qlik, Tableau Enhancement

  • New capabilities to grow the ROI of your Tableau, Qlik infrastructure
  • Enable faster and more intuitive search based navigation
  • Promote data driven behaviors by recommending the next relevant insight to the end user
  • Tell clearer data stories with scalable NLG narratives
  • Deliver better than native fully formatted excel downloads
  • Forms capability to enrich data insights with user intelligence

Faster Dashboards

  • Lightning fast analytics with no pre-aggregation
  • Crunch data from disparate sources, and go from raw data to insight in real time
  • Leverage intelligent caching to minimize redundant queries
  • Eliminate limitations associated with large data cubes with slow response times
  • Deliver faster load times; Most customers see average load times under 8 seconds

Analytics Adoption

  • Powerful features to measure and grow analytics ROI
  • Go beyond basic metadata (e.g. view count) and capture granular details (e.g. filter selections, drill paths etc.)
  • Analyze user journey to learn how users interact with your dashboards
  • Perform A/B tests to optimize adoption
  • Understand individual use patterns to coach data-driven behavior

Product Development

  • White Labeling Option for Solution Providers
  • Build rapidly with Infinity’s proprietary vector architecture
  • Support multi-tenancy with tenant-specific customization
  • Enable self-service capabilities to minimize ops overhead
  • Built-In customer success tools (NPS, Feedback capture etc.)

CRM Integration

  • Single point of access for CRM and analytics
  • Analyze CRM data in real time from within Infinity
  • Embed Infinity analytics into CRM of choice
  • Perform CRM functions directly from Infinity
  • Works with Salesforce, Veeva and other popular CRM